Reynolds® Pop-Up Aluminum Foil Sheets - 9" x 10.75" 3000ct.

SKU RE-AFPU9x1075-3K
Pactiv/Reynold's Foodservice Foil is fast and easy-to-use, and a cost-effective way to keep foods fresh! Foil Rolls and Sheets are versatile and economical. Foil helps to retain heat to help reduce energy costs. Ideal for cooking, freezing, serving and storing. Can withstand a temperature range of -20°F/-29°C to 400°F/204°C. Pre-cut, pop-up foodservice aluminum foil sheets. Individual foil sheets, excellent for wrapping food. Offers lowest moisture-vapor transfer rate of all wrapping materials. Ideal for use in cooking, serving, storing and freezing foods. Designed with the commercial kitchen in mind. Packaged in a pop-up box that conveniently dispenses one sheet at-a-time. Great for restaurants, hospitals, school and fast food facilities.